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Using AI to generate alternative data

December 06, 2018

Integrity Research have for more than a decade helped financial professionals by recommending alpha-generating research, and is a trusted provider of unique insights on the global research market having been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Institutional Investor, Bloomberg and other top tier media outlets.

Sandy, Principal at Integrity Research, with over thirty years’ experience as an investment research professional and editor of Integrity’s ResearchWatch service recently spoke to Accrete.AI taking a closer look at how the application of machine learning and natural language processing are creating new categories of alternative data. This exclusive commentary examines specifically one of Accrete's latest technology developments, "which identifies and ranks sources of M&A rumors including blogs, social media, articles and chat rooms. There are multiple research applications for AI but the most interesting are those which derive fresh insights."

To read the full break down including Integrity Research's unique 'Take' on Accrete.AI we recommend that you subscribe to Integrity Research


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