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Case Study

June 12, 2018

Accrete.AI is delivering highly accurate insights into financial markets using artificial intelligence. One of the key challenges facing financial institutions today is the ability to execute well-informed decisions in today's noisy financial markets. Accrete.AI's vision is that this can be overcome by automating cognitive tasks to help investors make sense of huge volumes of unstructured data. In order to do this Accrete set out to use artificial intelligence, in addition to human expert networks and proprietary deep learning techniques and incorporated IBM's computational infrastructure to create bias-free, contextually adaptive investment tools that deliver highly accurate investment insights. The result is increased accuracy in uncovering actionable and credible insights buried in linguistic nuance, a massive saving in hours spent researching and analyzing earning calls, corporate filings and other sources of data for meaning, and a huge reduction in 'time to market' as our proprietary technology can be retuned for any context significantly reducing development costs.

Read the IBM case study of Accrete.AI

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