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Accrete.AI expands coverage to global financial markets

November 28, 2018


Accrete.AI’s two flagship products rumor hound and topic deltas are expanding to global coverage! Accrete is expanding coverage beyond US public equities due to customer demand. This month, Accrete will release Rumor Hound M&A for English-speaking European countries, and while Topic Deltas currently covers English transcripts across 2,000 of the most liquid global companies, coverage will be expanded to include MSCI 2000, Russell 3000, and LATAM. Accrete provides alpha-generating cognitive investment tools that are not limited by borders and combats the proliferation of information that can stifle even the best investment managers. Global expansion benefits our current customers including Quants, Quantamental and Fundamental Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Corporations, Institutional Investors and Private Investors as this opens up the usefulness of Accrete’s product suite to a wider network of users.

Rumor Hound continuously reads hundreds of thousands of digital data sources to identify reliable, market-moving M&A rumors in real time before competitors. Despite having access to top notch informational networks and premium news subscriptions, investors continue to be blindsided by market-moving M&A rumors. These rumors emanate from any one of countless digital data including social media, blogs, news articles and chat rooms. It is impossible for even an army of human analysts to continuously monitor, rank, and filter this expanding universe of sources for actionable insights. Rumor Hound provides users with a filtered list of rumored acquisition targets, the source links from where the rumor emanated, the text of the rumor, and the source’s reliability and popularity.

Earnings transcripts and analyst notes contain hidden nuances that are very difficult for human analysts to decipher, but have significant implications for stocks. Topic Deltas solves this problem by automating the granular note-taking process performed by industry analysts to help them construct macro-themes from the bottom up in a scalable way. Inspired by existing solutions that inadequately measure sentiment in earnings calls, Topic Deltas parses earnings transcripts on a topical basis and then measures sentiment and importance by understanding the interplay between management commentary, analyst questions, and topical biases. The product provides users with the actual language associated with industry-specific topics so that users can validate the accuracy of topic mappings, sentiment, and importance.

If you are interested in learning more we can setup a live online demo to show you how Accrete’s products are benefitting our current customers and could enhance your own investment strategies. Alternatively, contact a member of our team by email richard.lally@accrete.ai who can provide you with some more information.

What Accrete Does

Our mission at Accrete is to scale human expertise and compound the world’s knowledge. Our platform’s core capabilities include intelligent web crawling, multi-dimensional contextual analytics and semantic search. Leveraging these core capabilities, we build smart investment tools that continuously read, understand and learn in specialized ways. As our smart investment tools learn, they extract hidden features buried in the nuances of language and surface predictive insights that would be impossible to find using traditional intelligence and tools.

Company Background

Accrete was formed in May 2017. Our team consists of world class technologists, AI scientists and industry veterans. Backed by a strategic partnership with IBM that provides enterprise distribution and secure cloud computing infrastructure, our products are helping investors generate alpha by helping them identify and rank sources most likely to publish market moving M&A rumors; monitor important shifts in topical nuance based on the interplay between management commentary and analyst questions in earnings transcripts; and monitor patient chatter on the efficacy and safety of clinical drug trials.

For additional information, or to schedule an interview with Accrete.AI executives, please contact:
Nick Potts

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