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Daniel Krastev

Daniel Krastev
Daniel works on research and development of cutting-edge, AI-driven investment technologies. Prior to Accrete.AI, Daniel worked as a Software Engineer where he tested and developed machine learning functions on a massively parallel processing architecture. He believes there is great value in the application of bias-reducing machine learning techniques to the development of effective technologies for modern, data-driven capital markets.
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Surfacing the Value of Inconspicuous M&A News Sources

Dec 5, 2018 12:26:17 PM

Ambiguity bias – Avoiding the unknown. We all exhibit biased behavior – even when we think otherwise. Growing up, most of us are conditioned to distrust the unfamiliar. Think back to a time when you’ve bought a brand name product instead of its generic brand counterpart. It’s highly likely that you paid substantially more for the brand name product. The surprising fact is that many generic brand products are manufactured in the same facility, using the same raw materials, as the brand name product - the only difference is the packaging and the price.