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Alex Adamis

Alex Adamis
Alex is the Financial Intelligence Associate at Accrete.AI, he is incredibly knowledgable in the realms of finance and government and holds a degree in Business & Political economy from the University of New York.
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Recent Posts

Trepidation for Canadian Banks earnings

Nov 27, 2018 9:32:51 PM

This week, the major Canadian banks -- Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), Bank of Montreal (BMO), and Royal Bank of Canada (RY) -- report their earnings for the fiscal fourth. As property values have increased dramatically across the Great White North, so have worries that the country’s booming housing market may be in a bubble. Accrete takes a closer look into previous earning calls sentiment data and what to watch out for; specifically Credit Quality & Loan Growth.


From Black Box to Glass Box

Sep 19, 2018 12:00:00 PM

How Transparency in AI Reporting Builds Long-Term Trust - Any relationship expert will tell you that the secret to a long-lasting relationship is trust. Without it, the two parties simply can’t function effectively. And how does one build trust? The answer is through open and direct communication. From a professional perspective, to earn trust from an employer, an employee must admit mistakes honestly and learn from them. It is no different when employing an AI to scale human expertise.